Second Leg of the Journey..dreams~ fun and more

Statistically we live to be 78.7 according to Fortune If I live to be 78.7 years old I have approximately 17.3 years left on planet earth.  That doesn’t feel like much time yet when you make the most of every day it’s an abundant amount of time to fullfill dreams, make a difference and have fun. Yes statistically my life is over 3/4 behind me or with 1/4 left (God willing) to live my best years yet!

As I chose to live a life as a nomad and set out into the great unknown September 2018 I have felt like I am on the second leg of my journey. The first leg into adulthood was a marriage of 9 years then raising 2 children as a single mom while keeping a roof over our head with sticks and bricks. That span of time was approximately 19 years give or take when my daughter got married and my role as a mom ceased to exist as I knew it.. being needed to console, advise or help as most mothers want to do in their kids lives. I now consider myself as just plain single as being ‘married’ and ‘divorced’ feels like a lifetime ago.

Now instead of the mom role I’m a grandma to 3 sweet peas. I love and miss them dearly but I have been called to live life off the grid as a nomad. Only God knows for how long. My gypsy soul is indeed the second leg of my journey. It was a necessary decision for my sanity as well as my finances. My business needed a financial lift and my spirit needed a boost.

rejoice~ relax~ rejuvenate
this about sums it up😊

Being on the second leg of my journey is very exciting. I’ve been given a second chance to have a new beginnings with fresh insights and opportunities.. I’m looking forward to writing a happy ending to this second leg.. off the tread mill into the great unknown.

What does your dreams, fun and more look like? I wish all of it for you.

smiles and joy,


10 months full time car dweller.. gypsy/digital nomad Living a Life of Abundance.. richer than I’ve ever been!

New friends, experiences, travel, living life in nature.. 10 months today (July 15, 2019) .. I can honestly say I am living a life of abundance and richer than I have ever been.

Scenery is always changing.. just when I think it can’t get any better!

When I left sticks and bricks on September 15, 2018 I did not know the magnitude of the new gifts I would behold. The journey thus far has been enriching and rewarding.

I have experienced new joys in traveling that had I still been living in sticks and bricks with rent or mortgage payments would not have been possible. Since leaving behind life as I knew it I have visited 13 National parks, 3 National Monuments, countless city parks, beautiful libraries, breathtaking scenery and more.

As the saying goes- at the right place at the right time!

Daily; I have met people from all over the country as well as a few from other countries too! Everyone has a wonderful story to share.. I wish I could remember them all. I receive and remember bits and pieces of other’s journey. My heart sings with meeting people from all different backgrounds and walks of life.

Met these fascinating people during the Rubber Tramp Rendevous 2019

Sitting or walking for hours in nature refreshes and renews my soul. There truly is healing in nature. I’m experiencing it on a regular basis.

Serenity at its best

It is not possible to put a dollar value on these cherished moments, places and people. Each day is priceless and the gift of being in nature and outdoors with no financial strain is one of the reasons that I hold fast to the fact that I am living a life of abundance and richer than I’ve ever been.

Special moments to behold

My wish for you is that you are or would experience life’s greatest gifts that are abundant and all free.. experiences ~ friendships ~ nature

smiles and joy,


How Long Will I Do This (Lifestyle)

I had a friend ask me the other day.. How long will you do this? I believe she was referring to this lifestyle I’ve chosen living in my car. It’s a fair question and one that I would surely ask of a friend or a family member too if they had chosen this ‘unconventional’ lifestyle as I have.

Living full time in my car and traveling the country!

Guess what! I don’t have a definitive answer except to know that when I started out on this journey of ‘New Beginnings’ that I made a decision to at least try it out for one year then re-evaluate whether I want to keep on keepin on down the road. I do have this lifestyle ‘bug’ so God willing.. I’m going to keep on keepin on!

In awe of God’s magnificent masterpiece

Many years ago I attended a convention with a direct sales company that I worked for as an independent contractor. A dear friend of mine was one of the main stage speakers. the title of her speech was “It’s always too soon to quit”. I will never forget that title as it is relevant to many things we choose to do in life. I feel that any amount of time shorter than a year would be quitting too soon.

Why? you may ask.

It seems to me that something so different as living in a car by choice when I’ve never done anything remotely like this; needs a chance. A chance to get use to, a chance to travel and see the country, a chance for God to work out all the details of how He wants to use me, who He wants to put in my path and what He wants me to do next. I don’t want to try and put God on a timeline. It wouldn’t work anyhow!

So as long as nothing unforseen happens; a year in Serenity Sedan is a good start.

‘Serenity Sedan’ is her name.. Serene and Simple life is my game😊
Sept 15 we (Serenity and I) celebrate a year of sweet bliss off the treadmill into the great unknown. Perhaps we start all over again on year 2 countdown. That’s the way we roll in this new lifestyle.. a happy traveler, nomad, gypsy soul.. living one day at a time and looking forward to the journey on down the road!

Incredible views.. never get enough

My hope and wish for you is that you too are able to live one day at a time and embrace a ‘serene and simple life’.. however that may look for you.

smiles and joy,


Living life large with a small budget

Many people are curious what you need financially to live life as a nomad. Of course as different as it is for everyone in sticks and bricks the same will hold true in this nomadic lifestyle. I personally feel that I am living life large with a small budget.

Large mountains – large trees – large life!

Let me explain.. I’m frugal and watch most of my pennies. It wasn’t always like that for me. I lived outside my means with that dangerous plastic called ‘credit cards’. As an entrepreneur and ‘big picture’ thinker I also dumped money into my business thinking it would grow faster than they did. I was definitely on a vicious treadmill leading to more debt and more financial stress. When I was able to eliminate my debt I could finally breathe and start over and learn from my mistakes. Accounting was not a favorite subject in school. Some things never change. I am able to live within my means now without ‘working my life away’ with side jobs alongside my own business just to pay the bills and make ends meet.

Without rent or a mortgage payment and no credit card bills I can sleep comfortably at night. Here is my ‘average’ monthly budget overview:

  1. Gasoline- $200
  1. Food $175
  2. Phone $85
  3. Car Insurance $85
  4. Storage unit $60
  5. Website $35
  6. Eating out $50 (fast food when traveling)
  7. Misc- $20 personal hygiene, paper towels, toilet paper, plates, bowls, Kleenex
  8. Gifts $60 – 2 kids, 2 spouses and 3 grandchildren (birthday and Christmas) average $50 each occasion per person
  9. Gifts $17 – me- top, shorts, souvenirs
  10. National park pass – $7
  11. Dentist- 2x a year.. $17
  12. haircut 4x a year.. $10
  13. Car maintenance (oil changes) $250
  • Total monthly expenses- $830
  • That’s it! No rent or mortgage, no entertainment except ‘FREE’ and $80 a year park pass, no restaurant meals except fast food, no utilities, no clothing budget.. unfortunately no health care as I really can’t afford it.

    I have a small savings for emergencies.. I have saved income from my business (holiday season in the fall is my busiest and most lucrative time of year) to cover monthly expenses for 6 months.

    I have worked

    First job as a camp host..

    a side job as a camp host for almost 2 months and moving in to another seasonal job now in Utah to continue to have that buffer of 6-9 months income. If my car passes on😊 things will be squeaky tight to replace Serenity. I will need to tap into my buffer though with the holiday season right around the corner I should be able to recover pretty quickly and re fill my tank.

    As you can see; my expenses are minimal; I don’t have much wiggle room though I am living life large. Since starting this nomad journey and living in my car I have visited 7 National parks, 4 new states and made many new friends.. what I like to refer to as ‘my tribe’. You can not put a price on experiences and friendships.

    Life is good and their is definitely joy in the journey. Lately I have been telling people that my life is not getting any longer so I am embracing going and doing now as God blesses me with another day. 😊

    a ‘no words’ beauty.. Swift Creek in Snoqualmie-Mt Baker National Forest, WA

    I hope you too will make your days count in a way that makes you feel like you are living life ‘large’ with new experiences and friendships.. priceless!

    smiles and joy,


    My ‘why’ other nomad ‘whys’ Overlaps..People ~ Places ~ Experiences

    Before I set out full time into the great unknown I wrote down my ‘top 10’ reasons I decided that life as a nomad was my best choice I had to live life to the fullest. Fast forward many months and I am living out my ‘whys’ I wrote prior to becoming a nomad. I changed the wording from ‘I’m going to; to ‘I am’..

    I participated in a caravan while living in Serenity Sedan in Arizona. On our last day together we went around a circle and shared our ‘whys’ There are many similarities as people, places and experiences topped the lists. In this blog I share – My Top 10 Why’s (in no particular order).

    1. I am living by myself not in someone else’s home with their rules and dictating to me how I should do things. As the saying goes.. free as a bird

    Free as a bird!

    2. I am most ‘content’ emotionally and mentally outdoors.. known to me as God’s green earth.. When I was living in sticks and bricks I set up office, designed product, conducted meetings, participated in art/craft shows outdoors.. a common statement of vehicle dwellers is “we don’t live in our vehicle we live outside our vehicle. Perfect!

    Serenity at its best

    3. I want to “enlarge my territory” all for God’s glory.. by that I mean is to take the business and ministry God has given me and share with others.. whether it be the ‘how to’ of living in a car or daily inspiration; I am able to reach many more people as I travel the country.

    Where to next?

    4. I’m fulfilling a personal desire to travel and see the country in a way I can afford. No motels, hotels or paid recreation sites. I am living ‘rent free’ for the first time in 42 years. (age of 18).

    The mighty 5 in Utah

    5. I am fulfilling the ‘American dream’.. I own my home with no mortgage attached. Free from the banks!

    Serenity Sedan.. paid in full

    6. I am daily putting to practice a ‘less is more’ philosophy/ mentality.

    7. I’m expanding my connection with people and making many new friends. The experience is providing me a tribe of like minded people. To me; this fulfills a universal need.. to be accepted and loved. It is a priceless journey to meet people from all walks of life with a story all of their own. side note- 23 years I was part of a like minded tribe with a direct sales business. Now I’m experiencing the ‘like minded’ again without ‘business’ being attached to the tribe.

    Not sure what I’d do or where I’d be if it weren’t for friends!

    8. I am walking the talk. By that I mean.. While working in the direct sales industry I preached to my team to step out of your comfort zone. This lifestyle is no exception and I am embracing living out of my comfort zone once again!

    9. I am strengthening and building ‘faith muscle’ as I choose faith over fear in every circumstance and challenge that comes my way

    Oh my.. up close and personal with an Elk!

    10. Lastly; I am living life in the moment in the present.. filling up my heart with precious memories.. longer conversations with people without feeling rushed to get somewhere, just ‘being’ while crocheting beanies for the homeless, reading or writing.

    Beanies fun! Passes the time and I feel productive!

    BONUS – My heart’s desire is for God to use me and to make a difference in other’s lives. I’m working on a sequel to my first book I wrote 19 years ago titled ‘Rising from the Ruins- a single mom takes flight’. Hopefully it will encourage and empower others who may be seeking an alternative lifestyle that does not require a rent or mortgage payment.

    My wish for you is that you would explore your ‘whys’ and live a life fulfilling of people ~ places and experiences.

    smiles and joy,


    What’s my story?.. and I’m sticking to it😊

    Life changed as I knew it on July 1, 2018. I left go of the security (or not) of sticks and bricks and decided I would move into a vehicle full time, continue my business as a digital nomad and travel the country. No more moving around and chasing down lower rent payments to help make ends meet. My story has evolved into living in the moment, joy in the journey and exploring he great unknown. I am sticking to it and experiencing the good life like never before.

    I grew up in small town USA in Irwin, Pennsylvania; 30 miles east of Pittsburgh. Mom was a hard working stay at home mom till we were teenagers and dad was a hard working father who retired at 62. We were what society would deem a ‘normal family’. We stayed put in the same home from the time I was born and I attended the same school district through twelfth grade. Once a year we would pack up our one and only 4 door sedan and head to a nearby beach for a week.

    What I call ‘moving blood’ was warming up in me. I couldn’t wait to be out of the house and leave small town USA. My first stop at 18 was to the big city of Pittsburgh to attend a business school. Two years later an associates in fashion merchandising. I skipped pursuing a career in my field; chose marriage to a military man and becoming an entrepreneur instead to help supplement our income. 9 years later and intense counseling on my part the marriage died. Yes; it does take 2 willing people to keep a marriage working. As a heavy drinker; choosing to drink to fit in then ultimately out of loneliness and depression I definitely played a role in the collapse. I became a single mom of 2 small children… Happy to say a sober single mom since September 1990.. 29 years as I write this.100_5481

    Receiving my 20 year chip- Celebrate Recovery.. San Clemente, CA
    Receiving a 20 year ‘chip’ at Celebrate Recovery.

    Now what? Back to small town USA; we moved to a neighboring town from my parents.

    image 2009-5-9 0183
    7 happy and content years in our 72 ft. single wide trailer

    I made a conscious decision to give them the roots that I knew growing up and stay put until my youngest turned 18. Oh but the gypsy soul blood was boiling! Two years prior to my daughter graduating I made a two year timeline poster to fulfill my rebellious dream at age 16 when I told my dad I was moving to CA and not coming back.5-06-7-06 222

    CA bound.. 2 year ‘count down’ calendar

    This time I chose not to relocate to a neighboring city but 3000 miles away; to fulfill that rebellious desire to move to the golden state of California… warm weather, beaches, fast pace life.. all of it!

    My daughter and I packed up the house (son stayed behind with father) I had purchased 7 years prior. The closing of the sale of our home was in the am, graduation in the evening.. next morning off we drove to the land of sunshine.

    Still an entrepreneur; I got my real estate license (which everyone does in CA) The market was crashing before my eyes so I picked up a side job and recycled plastic and tin cans to stay afloat. Within 5 years of fulfilling that dream, I decided I needed to move on to cheaper ground.

    Delaware was my next stop. We had vacationed there growing up so how cool I thought it would be to live 20 minutes from the beach at a fraction of the cost of CA. Friends definitely thought I had truly lost my mind.. their response to my news was del- a – where??img_1076

    ‘Serenity Sedan’ leaving Valley Village, CA.. bound for Millsboro, Delaware!

    Once again I hired professional movers and back to the east coast I went. I purchased a beautiful manufactured home with 3 bedrooms. It was another dream come true to once again be a home owner though I did have a substantial ‘land rent’ to pay.

    Nothing against Delaware as it is a very pleasant place to live but as an entrepreneur I would have withered and died if I stayed in Delaware. After less than 2 years I put my home up for sale. Within 30 days it was sold.

    Financially it was not an option to go back to CA so I figured why not move to a neighboring state.. Arizona! Another land of sunshine.. I moved to an apartment but within 6 months I had my fill of being broke, working a side job to pay the rent while trying to get a new business off the ground.

    I found a cute little mobile home on an Indian reservation to buy and fix up. IMG_6230

    My new cottage on an Indian reservation.. Scottsdale, AZ

    The land rent was minimal. I thought “this is it!” HA! The jokes on me. This time it was the 8 months of high temperatures and the very expensive AC repairs that got the best of me. Only in Arizona a couple months over 2 years; the extreme heat had fried my last creative brain cell. Oh my; now what?

    I went back to my first love.. California! This time it only took 2 years to realize I could no longer afford to live there. I was done paying for sunshine and feeling the pain at the pump on a regular basis. Again; I started out renting an apartment but quickly realized the health of my bank account would not sustain it. I found a cute little 3 room addition to a large home to rent for $875.. a bit more manageable than $1475 apartment rent in Oceanside, CA. The 8 month itch to move was brewing. I was working another side job and really longed to be next to my favorite city in Southern CA.; San Clemente. So I packed up the tiny addition; still chasing rent I found a single room to rent in a million dollar mansion for $850.IMG_2743

    The million dollar home in San Clemente.. I parked on the street😊

    All this money for so little and nothing to call my own was really starting to get to me. I just didn’t realize to what extent or how much. I needed to get out of CA for the same reasons I left the first time! I finally got CA out of my system.. or so I think 🤔. Of course they say ‘never say never’.

    The lone star state; Texas was calling me! After all my son was born in San Antonio and it was where we owned a beautiful home. 32 years later.. I felt like God had brought me full circle. Still experiencing mounting credit card debt and dumping large amounts of money into my fairly new business; renting a room was my only option at $600 a month.

    Debt, the distance between my children, grandchildren and myself , working side jobs just to make ends meet took its final toll on me.

    From the time I was 18 till the age of 60 I have moved 24 times. That is an average of every 1.75 years. Lonely, lost, disconnected and feeling like I was losing my purpose here on earth was my catalyst for change.

    It was a beautiful Sunday in July 1, 2019 God spoke to me in the depths of my soul. I had just returned from church and my daily walk. Sitting on my little love seat He planted a new seed in my heart and opened the door for me to pursue a full time nomad life. It was time for a real change; not just the bandaid kind.

    I grabbed my phone and start researching van dwellers, RV living etc. on you tube and Facebook; joining all kinds of like minded groups who have chosen life full time in the road.

    As I believe God is in all the details and cares about every aspect of our life He directed me to As the saying goes; that was the beginning of the end for me. I was going to get off the treadmill of rent and get out from under living in others surroundings and find my own way in an affordable and very exciting way; a mini van!

    Awe not so fast.. after weeks of looking and 2 different vans that were literally bought out from under me; God spoke again. He lovingly told me that He wanted me to be happy and content using what He had already given me.. my beloved Acura that I had purchased brand new 16 years prior.

    Really; live in a car? It made sense to me and make the most of what I have been given. Besides I’m always in search of new and better ways to manage. I fondly named her ‘Serenity Sedan’. I sold or gave away 80% of my stuff

    and rented a 7 X 10 storage unit to house the remaining 20% along side product I carry in my Say It Display It®️ line.

    Serenity Sedan started out at 184,000 miles.. over the course of the last 9 months we are pushing 194,000 miles.

    Here are 3 things I’m over

    1. Side jobs since becoming a single mom in 1990.. 11 of them to be exact alongside my direct sales business I made a career of for 23 years and the business I launched in 2015.. great product.. no cash flow is my current challenge
    2. Living in someone else’s home with a 3 car garage and their massive amount of stuff.. so much that I had to park in the driveway or even the street

    3. Paying rent only to work most of the day and come home to a very quiet four walls           except for the TV noise.  **$190,000 in rent over the course of 10 years.

    What have I gained? Priceless and precious memories including new friends, IMG_1993

    Enjoying an evening meal together.. Priceless!

    experiences, travels and an opportunity to make a difference. I am embracing life to the fullest with a new beginning.. off the treadmill and into the great unknown (as the introduction in my you tube channel expresses.

    Today I am cheerful, content and curious. Watch here if you’d like to listen to my 6 months on the road synopsis and detail my 3 ‘C’s.

    I have visited 6 states, hung out working in beautiful libraries

    Library- Hurst, Texas.. Cozy, comfortable, lovely

    9 National parks, met countless kind and interesting people from all over the country, Canada and Belgium. I am experiencing a new purpose and my life is becoming more meaningful as each day passes.

    God is using me to make a difference is putting me in the paths of wonderful people and new platforms to share my story.. I am sticking with it. 😊 By the end of the year I hope to have my second book written.. perhaps title It ‘Granny takes flight‘.. a sequel to my autobiography from 18 years ago titled- Rising from the Ruins; a single mom takes flight.😀

    We all have a story. What is your story? Share it with others.. make a difference! My wish for you is that you are overflowing with the joys that life has to offer and you too are sticking with it!

    smiles and joy,


    a Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood.. from one to the next

    They say in this nomadic life that home is where your wheels stop. So true! Whether it be the outskirts of a bustling Walmart paved parking lot, a desert stone yard or a sandy beach front; they have all provided me a place to call home with a neighborhood of all sizes and models of RVs, vans, trucks and cars.

    As Mr Rogers would let us know on each and every show.. it’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood. It is such ‘ feel good’, mind over matter lyrics. I love to sing the first line or two of that song before I come to my senses and realize I can’t sing! Here’s the proof🤣 Mr Rogers,~ cattle~ she sheds, small town

    One of my favorite parts of this lifestyle is waking up to new views and new places. Sometimes I don’t know from one day to the next where I will put her in park but that’s what makes this the cool adventure that it is.

    Sometimes the views are the ‘million dollar’ kind without the million dollars needed..

    Six Mile Cove in Lake Mead
    Lake Mojave in Lake Mead Rec area

    other times they are plain and simple views.. though still able to find the treasure in the ordinary. I spent a couple days at Pilot/Flying J’s. Here was my evening view before I pulled my curtains for the night.. well put my reflectix stealth coverings in my window😊.

    Pilots gas station parking lot view

    There is truly beauty everywhere we turn. Sometimes it’s just a matter of having the right frame of mind or slowing down long enough to experience it. I remind myself of this fact often. I want to remember to apply the old cliche ‘take time to smell the coffee’ and enjoy all the different neighborhoods.

    Do you find joy in the view? My wish for you is that stationery or not that you too will experience all the different views life provides us.. your neighborhood(s), people, and places.

    smiles and joy,


    Knock Knock.. Who’s There?

    Knock Knock.. Who’s there? the POLICE! Dang if I didn’t get my first ‘Knock’ (hopefully last) when I was almost 3 months full-time.. in my ‘Serenity Sedan’ nest. Here’s the play by play for your trivia fill😀

    1. Monday night 11:00.. settle into outskirts of a medical center near a very nice hotel.. slept there 3 or 4X before.. very peaceful
    2. Midnight- very LOUD bang coming from the back of my car
    3. I’m barely asleep.. I hear in a very authoritative voice “the POLICE”.. I say “yes”
    4. more banging.. (he later tells me he did not hear me.. said I must be sound proof with my window coverings!).. I’m fidgeting with my keys trying to figure out how to crack the window.. brain is not working..
    5. Can’t figure out why window won’t go down.. so I fidget more to just unlock the dang door and I just open the door! Did I really just open the door? Yep.. although I was certain it was the police because he was loud, clear, and concise in his tone.. a no messing around voice..
    6. asked me how I was doing from the back.. I literally said “I’m doing GREAT”..
    7. I’m feeling totally relaxed or in shock and we proceeded to have a 10 minute conversation like as if we were sitting having coffee!
    8. Conversation Tidbits-
  • a. told me he really wasn’t banging hard at all but when you bang on a trunk it is much louder and echos.. no sh____.🙄. He said he learned that in Denver where he came across MANY heroin addicts when they are bundled up are like dead 💀.. (me in my head.. good to know🤨)
  • b. said he knew there was someone in the car because there was condensation all around the windows.. (me in my head- more good to know)
  • c. told me he has 5 or 6 people living in their vehicles in his patrol and he did not recognize my car thus the intro🙃.. (didn’t use that word)
  • d. asked me if I had parked here before.. “yes” was my answer.. he asked me if it was when it was warm..I said “I don’t remember” (true statement!)🤓
  • e. told me I should probably make sure who it is before talking.. dah.. you think 🤔.. I think he meant don’t fling open the car door!
  • f. I asked him if I wasn’t as stealth as I thought I was.. he said any passer by would not even notice but his light showed the condensation.. (me in my head -WHEW..oh good)
  • g. asked me why I was in my car.. I let loose a 10 minute dialogue about how over I am paying rent, have a business, traveling.. told him I have kids, told him about WRTR.. (he laughed hysterical at the name), I even gave him my website! OMG 😮.. I’m working at midnight with a cop who just wanted to know if I was dead😂.. he proceeded to ask me if there was porn on my site because he would be in trouble if there was😂..
  • h. asked me my name so that he could verify it with running my plate I guess..
  • i. I asked him if anyone was ever towed while in their car.. his answer – yes😏.. more info than I needed! He told me where I was is private property and I would be just fine parking there again..
  • Ten months later.. I have 3 knocks to my journey belt..

    #2 happened at a beautiful park. I stayed one night with no interruptions 😊.. 3 nights later I came back and awakened to a tap tap.. at 10:30.. park closed at 10.. not nearly as eventful as the first knock.. Oh well one night of waking to this view was better than none!

    Rotary Park @ Lake Havasu

    #3 a casino parking lot With another stunning view on Indian reservation property in Washington; 2 days before my birthday. Once again I had resided not one but 3 nights there while in training for my camp host job. No problem. 2 weeks later I drove back to the same location the night before 2 days off. I wanted to get a head start on a birthday road trip. guards.. male and female.. told me “not permitted..nothing against me but one ruins it for all”. I was told later by a police officer where I’m now working that there is heavy drug use on the reservation.. WOW.. a way different scenario than Parker, AZ..

    My wish for you.. may you always have happy knocks no matter what kind of door you have or where you are living.

    smiles and joy,



    A day in the life.. city or off the grid.. which one today?

    There are times in this nomadic lifestyle that I ponder ‘what to do, where to go’ as in live off the grid on BLM (Bureau of Land Management), in a National Forest, at a National Rec lake (free with National park pass) or stealth camp in the city.

    When I first started on this journey as a nomad it was basically moving from one city to the next as I worked/exhibited at shows selling Say It Display It product on the weekends.

    Through out this journey into the great unknown I have adapted and learned about living in, around and outside my Acura TL.. in both kinds of environments– (city or dispurse camping) which I fondly named ‘Serenity Sedan’. Trivia- She is 16 years old and I am excited to see her live to at least 200,000 miles.. only 8000 to go!

    ‘Serenity Sedan’ home in the desert


    Here is a break down of a typical day in the life..


    The routine morning part of my day when I first moved into Serenity Sedan was senior coffee at McDonald’s. I decided I wasn’t going to spend money each day on coffee. In the cooler weather I warm up my car for 10 minutes and use my 12 volt coffee maker to heat up a cup of water and indulge in some yummy Folgers or Maxwell House.. reminds me of my mom and dad and days gone by.. In occasion if I am near a fast food place I will ask them for a cup of hot water. Here is my 12 volt maker-

    When off the grid I use my Gas One grill to heat up my water. While having the first of two cups of coffee I sometimes dig into some scripture on my Bible app and/or read from my Jesus calling devotional. Brushing my teeth at McDonald’s, in/outside my car with a spit cup😊 or at a park restroom is also a morning priority. It’s enjoyable and relaxing me to tidy up Serenity for the day- fold my blankets, fluff my pillows; just like what I would be doing if I were living in stix and bricks.

    The little table that connects to my steering wheel is very convenient to manage my morning routine! Car laptop desk multi work table


    I have spent an entire day at the library working on my business and keeping up with social media is endless. I charge up all my devices while I’m there. I also have set up office right in the desert and stay put!

    5 foot table is my stand up desk in the desert

    Hanging out in gorgeous parks, Shopping at Walmart or Dollar store for food, mailing orders, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest updates with Say It Display It®️,video watching, email catch up are other ‘to do’s. Blogging, keeping up with my You Tube channel – Serene and Simple Life with the learning curve keeps me quite busy.

    Lake Havasu was a favorite place to do life for the day.Google maps audio is my friend to find incredible places to go. Rotary Park in Lake Havasu was introduced to me by asking google- ‘parks near me’? I spent 2 full days here leisurely walking, taking lots of photos to use in my product line and exploring.

    My Gas One grill is my go to for breakfast and mid afternoon meal. Fun!


    If in the city I am back to Serenity around 7pm – 8ish.. put my black out reflectix up (draw the drapes😄) make a lil nest of pillows in my front driver’s seat (where I sleep).. How do you sleep?? Watch here!

    crochet, knit, read.. more FB scrolling, You Tube.. eyes closed around 10-11pm.

     I have slept in 80+ temps with a 10in. O2 Cool battery operated fan to as low as 38 degrees with 2-3 layers of clothing, double layer of socks, a fleece and a 90% wool blanket tucked around me..

    I’ve also stayed quite warm and cozy in the COMFY brand fleece lined sleep sweatshirt- seen on Shark Tank, (shown here is a picture from the ad) ** disclosure- links to product here are from my amazon affiliate site where Amazon rewards us for doing their marketing.. no cost to you and a big thank you from me!

    City and dispurse camping are both awesome in their own way. Of course they both have their pros and cons.. It is definitely easier to work, play and connect (literally – the internet!) in the city. I haven’t quite decided yet which I like better or if they are equally rewarding!

    Being in the desert, a lake or in National forest I slow down and recharge my battery.. my brain as well as my power! Parks are also great to set up my solar and charge my power bank too!

    Jackery portable power station-

    Jackery 50 watt solar panel

    I will continue just go back and forth between city, blm land and National Forests.. life as a nomad.. you just never run out of new scenery and of course a new place to live is only the turn of a key away!

    smiles and joy,


    Brand New World of Firsts

  • TOP 10
  • 1. using a collapsible potty.. you get use to it. I unfold it and place it in my dressing room tent. Remember; indoor plumbing has only been around for 200 years. The ‘commode’ I use is quite simple and when I’m not using it; it is an ‘outta sight outta mind’
  • good times😊
  • 2. using a propane/butane stove.. just plain simple and fun. No heavy duty cleaning of a stove, dinner in 2 minutes.. faster than a microwave!
  • Yum!😃
  • another yum.. toasted bread with avocado and tomato
  • 3. sleeping in the driver’s seat of a car all night.. actually more comfy than I was in my bed in sticks and bricks.. watch here-
  • 4. Stealth camping in the city and the desert.. reflectix on all the windows.. just like pulling the shades only I pop them in all the windows.. voila.. stealth! I made them with a huge roll of reflective I bought at Lowe’s, felt from Joann Fabrics and E 6000 glue. There are many ‘how to’ videos on you tube. That was my go to for this project.
  • 5. Using solar to power my phone, laptop, battery bank, lights, i pad.. so happy to be living in an age of ‘high tech’.. who would of thunk that we would be able to live off the grid with sunlight as our power source. I’m feeling pretty cool..
  • powering up at the park!jackery lithium battery bank
  • 50 Watt Solar Panel..
  • 6. working an entire day in my nest ‘Serenity’.. love the tray table that simply latches in to the steering wheel.. best invention ever
  • my office.. all the room I need!
  • 7. a ‘P’ container.. 2 for a $1 at Dollar Tree.. easy peasy.. no muss.. covered with contact paper for a disguise😊.. as my granddaughter so sweetly says “no big deal!”
  • 8. Public showers.. YMCA, Rec Centers, Hostel.. they’re all good!.. fresh as a daisy and ready to go.. appreciative of hot water pulsating my body like never before😊
  • best shower so far.. Moab,Utah
    right up there with #1
  • 9. coffee at McDonalds and working there for 8+ hours.. joy! Outta Serenity into the, people watch, snack on fries and get work done! Beautiful decor in some too as you see here!
  • favorite one in Dallas, Texas
  • 10. Finding Parks or Libraries ‘near me’ by asking google audio and spending the entire day there working and ‘powering up’..a great environment to focus and get lots done!
  • in Parker, AZ
    in Yuma, AZ
  • BONUS : finding a new place to sleep every night when camping/living in the city.. I’ve experienced some ‘million dollar views’ out the window of Serenity when I wake..
  • favorite resting place in Parker, AZ
    open 24 hours.. good to travelers and nomads
  • I love my ‘new beginnings’ life.. joy in the journey with a serene and simple..
  • My wish for you is you would experience ‘firsts’ and find joy in your journey too.
  • smiles and joy,
  • Linda